Friday, August 14, 2009

Dial "P" for Product Mobile

Sometimes simplicity is a marketer's best weapon. Howard Davis has a telephone company, Datel Communications, that he would like to promote with a product mobile. What shape do you think the vehicle should be?

In addition to promoting the business, the Phone Car makes several appearances in parades and auto shows. It's a street legal vehicle but is frequently hauled for longer trips.

It was constructed from a 1975 Volkswagen Beetle chassis, has a tinted windshield allowing the driver to see and even a horn that sounds like a ringing telephone.

A chariot this grand is the worthy ride of a champion of justice...or at least a champion of quality telecommunications services. Enter "Teleman!"

A sleek, elegant design with a simple premise underlying a complex engineering feat and a super hero thrown in for good measure: that's definitely a lot of bang for your product mobile buck. Check out more information about the Phone Car here:

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