Thursday, April 4, 2013

To Dew List

Let's check in with Mountain Dew, shall we?  First off, they recently tweeted a picture of this cool Diet Dew BBQ Smoker:

But even cooler is their new promotional tour.  It's not quite a product mobile but the new Kickstart Truck comes close.  It's on the road right now!


You can get tour dates and follow along on their Facebook page.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Ex Award Nominees

Every year the Even Marketing Summit gives out their Ex Awards.  The nominees have been announced and while there's no actual product mobiles (by the traditional definition) there are several interested tours in the "mobile" categories:

Best Mobile Marketing Program

- 7-Election Mobile Oval:

 - Strike Back Special Ops Challenge:

- Catalyst Mobile Education Center:

 Best Vehicle Design

- FlexEfficiency Truck Tour

- T680 Tour

- ComforPedic by Beautyrest Tour

Good luck everybody!