Monday, June 29, 2009

"Not a Product Mobile" Part 1: Elsie the Cow

As mentioned before, the economy is hell on product mobile tours. Gasoline, staff and promotional considerations don't come cheap and while the stock markets continue recovery attempts, most product mobiles remain immobile.

That immobility leads to a lack of new product mobile information. So in order to fill up some blog space we present a recurring "Not a Product Mobile" feature. In order to qualify as a "NAPM" the item in question needs to:

1. Travel or tour in some capacity
2. Promote a product, service or concept
3. Be interesting in some way

So let's start off with Borden Milk's Elsie the Cow!

Nothing beats a real life advertising icon. Elsie travels (with her calf Beauregard) to State Fairs, parades, schools and other events spreading the word about the bone strengthening goodness of Borden Milk.

Elsie has a long history and exudes a furry, cuddly cuteness that the Wienermobile could only hope for. She was named one of the Top 10 Advertising Icons of All Time so seeing her in person shouldn't definitely be on your bucket list.

Around the time we were making the Fast Food documentary we were also producing a TV show called North Texas Explorer and we featured Elsie in our State Fair episode. Here's the video:

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