Sunday, April 15, 2012

Food Fight

As we mentioned earlier, recently the stars aligned and there was a chance meeting between the Wienermobile and the Banana Car. This left a big impression on Banana Car owner Steve Braithwaite who has been insisting on the Banana Car Facebook page that the two motorized munchies face off in a drag race.

This obsession most recently manifested itself in a plea from Steve to the Dole Fruit & Vegetable Company to back his play by providing yellow jumpsuits for him and his pit crew. Here's the letter he submitted to Dole:

Dear Dole.
Please help me.
I have challenged the Oscar Mayer folks to a drag race between the Big Banana Car and their Weiner Mobile.

So far I have heard nothing back from them.
... (I think they're yeller!)

If I don't hear back soon I am going to publish an open letter to them in the New York Times and formally throw down the gauntlet.
If they agree I would like you in my court and hopefully twist your arm to outfit my pit crew in bright yellow racing coveralls.

Yours sincerly (sic),

Steve Braithwaite.
(Owner: The Big Banana Car)

You have to admit that that is not a very large request which is probably a good strategy for Steve. He has our full support because, let's face it, a race between those two grocery giants would be too awesome to pass up. However, we must warn him that Banana Racing, while definitely appealing is a very slippery slope.

We'll be following this story with relish.

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