Saturday, August 29, 2009

Claws and Effect

I've mentioned Red Lobster's Clawde before and the lack of information I can find about him.

As it turns out Clawde has an older brother. Meet "Art the Lobster," a 35 foot long art car created by A.J. Strasser. Art is a fixture in several art car parades and was the original inspiration for Clawde.

Attaching a giant lobster to a vehicle is quite infectious as brothers Art and Clawde have a...well, let's call him a second cousin, twice removed.

For lack of a better name, the "Boston Lobster Feast Car" promotes (you guessed it) the Boston Lobster Feast Restaurant in Orlando.

All we need now if for the Drawn Butter Mobile to show up and we'd be all set.

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