Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Rhymes With Orange

One of England's most juiced up product mobiles is the Outspan Orange Car. Brain Waite, designer of the speedy citrus recently sent us some pictures and information.

So here's your daily dose of Vitamin C in Brian's own words:

BW: The idea came during a dinner with the advertising director of Outspan for whom I was building a racing car at the time.

To prove the concept he commissioned a prototype in 1971. This, as you can see, opened up to enter with the interior upholstered in deep-buttoned leather.

It has a space frame chassis to take the loads from the counter balance mechanism, which consists of four car suspension springs. To the frame standard mini sub-frames are bolted with a 1,000cc engine and automatic gearbox. To counteract the top-heavy shell and the short wheelbase a ballast weight is situated under the floor at the rear.

BW: Once proven a further four were ordered and a “production” version was produced with a rear door and lighter vinyl upholstery done, appropriately, in segments. This chassis was more of a monocoque.

Two more followed with one bound for South Africa and is now in a museum there with the last one ending up in the Beaulieu National Motor Museum here in the UK.

BW: At the time I was situated on the opposite side of London to Outspan so I was encouraged to drive them through London during rush hour when delivering them.

For more information about the Outspan Orange Car and Brian's other work, check out his website:


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