Sunday, February 7, 2010

Cheesy Does It

Not too long ago we introduced you to the Cheese Car and the contest surrounding it. Roger from Oklahoma won the contest and the car and we asked him a few questions about the thrilling taste of victory.FF: How did you go about entering to win the Cheese Car?

Roger: I was surfing the internet and seen the add to win a car, but I had already clicked to go to a different page, so I went back, but the banner had changed, so I searched for the put cheese on and after a couple tries I came across the web site. I read the rules and decided to cut holes out of the center of 2 slices of American cheese and put them on my face like glasses. Well needless to say when I told my wife to grab the camera to take the pic she just shook her head and took the pic. Now I'm really glad I did.
FF: How did you feel when you won?

R: I read the email a half a dozen times to be sure it said I actually won the car, each time I read it the more my hands started shaking then I swear I thought I was going to have the BIG ONE.

FF: What's the most surprising thing about owning the Cheese Car?

R: Winning it was the most surprising thing, but the car is actually better equiped than I had thought, it really is a great car to drive.

FF: Do you get any interesting reactions when you drive it?

R: We have had so much fun driving this car, wherever we go people are always taking pictures, even when were going 70 down the highway, we came out of Sams and there were a bunch of kids lined up next to it taken pics acting like there eating the cheese. my family can't wait to ride in it in parades with us. It's really nice to see people smile and laugh at the car so maybe for just a few minutes they forget about any troubles they may be having in this economic times.
FF: What are your future plans for the car?

R: Keep it cheesy, as long as the graphics hold out, thought about contacting milk or other dairy companies to place adds on the car, just not sure how to do that, drive in local parades and toss out cheese samples or gummi cheeseburgers. anyway it will be kept this way as long as I own it.

For more on the car and the contest you can go to:

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  1. I actually live in Maysville, Ar. and have a small Cafe (Coopers Cafe) in Colcord, OK. come by and see the car if you're ever in the area, it's alot of fun to drive. Roger