Monday, July 12, 2010

This Little Piggy

Competition can be fierce in the student recruiting game. What's a university to do if it wants to stand out?Well nothing is quite so attention grabbing as a bright red ride that's part bug, part razaorback and all product mobile. Meet the University of Arkansas' Razorbug!

What started as an average, everyday Volkswagen Bug has been transformed into an ambassador for the university.
More transformation pictures can be seen HERE.

According to the universities website:

The Razorbug's primary mission is to assist the Office of Admissions in efforts to attract qualified students to the University of Arkansas. In addition, the Razorbug will be available on a limited basis to make public appearances. Appearances will be limited to events which benefit the creation of need-based scholarships for students attending the University of Arkansas."
Arkansas may be the Bug's home base but like any good product mobile it frequently hits the highways to spread the recruitment word. Here we can see it visit the world famous Carhenge in Nebraska:
You can see it in action yourself:

Check out the Razorbug's website for more info:

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