Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Finally, a Beermobile!

Because the people demanded it, we now live in world with a beer themed product mobile! (And yes, trailers count as product mobiles...according to me.)

So say hello to "Woody," ambassador of Deschutes Brewery and purveyor of refreshing libations. I feel happier just knowing it exists.

Woody's barrel exterior, giant taphandle, stereo system and disco ball show up wherever fun is need and is currently in the middle of the "In Search of Snow tour. I guess they're looking for snow or something.
Want to know if Woody is coming to a town near you? Here are its next few stops:

  • Boise State University Tailgate Party at the R Bar

    November 19
    Boise, ID
  • The Civil War! U of O Ducks vs. OSU Beavers Tailgate Party

    (Location to be determined)

    December 4
    Corvallis, OR
  • Cyclocross National Championships

    Deschutes Brewery (901 SW Simpson Ave.)

    December 10-13

    Bend, OR

If you are luck you might even get to see "Little Woody." (insert obvious double entendre here)
And you better hurry before a dinosaur drinks all the beer. Dinosaurs love beer!

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