Friday, November 26, 2010

Post-Thanksgiving Wrap Up Part 1

A shocking revelation occurred yesterday as I learned (between mouthfuls of turkeypotatoehampie) that Thanksgiving has room for more than one parade.

One Heimlich Maneuver later and I had my second shock as I learned that in addition to an appearance at the Macy's Parade, Ronald McDonald's Big Red Shoe Car also cruises the streets of Houston during the HEB Holiday Parade:

Photo Courtesy of KHOU

It must be really fast to be in both Texas and New York in the same day.

And yet a third shock occurred when when I learned of the existence of something called the Houston Chronicle Star Car which also made an appearance at the parade:

Image Copyright Serious Wheels

I'm assuming that this baby is meant to promote the Houston Chronicle and it looks like I have another new(?) product mobile to research.

I also need to go through my TIVOed Macy's Thanskgiving Day Parade to prepare for Part 2 of the Post-Thanksgiving Wrap Up. Tune in for that tomorrow.

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